Imams urge Muslims to support one another through charity

Azlan Othman

Yesterday’s Friday sermon encouraged Muslims to support one another and give aid, in order to foster more respect, goodwill and understanding.

“One of the ways to implement the concept of mutual help and assistance is by giving charity,” said Imams during the sermon.

“Indeed, the wealth that we own does not entirely belong to us; there are others who are eligible or have their rights in it.

“Spending part of the wealth by giving charity to the poor, as well as donating to mosque funds, mosque construction funds, orphans’ fund and the like will not only assist the poor and needy, but it can also help to educate ourselves and our souls to always do good, and be concerned and caring towards our fellow creatures.

“Charity covers the various forms of aid, assistance and something that gladdens our hearts or which we can contribute to relatives, friends or anyone else. A smile which is pleasing to others is also considered a charity; absolving and discharging a debt is a charity; every good word is a charity; every step towards prayer is a charity; removing something harmful on the road is a charity; every good deed and act is also a charity.

“This is the reward for those who are generous. Thus, those who are miserly and afraid of losing their wealth are in great loss. With charity, we can easily obtain so many rewards and multiply from what we have spent. Charity is an investment which will not suffer from any losses, and also very profitable.”