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Imams to Ummah: Self-reflect as we enter new year

Azlan Othman

Imams urged the Ummah to self-reflect and determine to excel and become more pious and loyal followers of the teachings of Allah the Almighty as the nation ushers in the new year.

“We hope to gain success and happiness in the worldly affairs and in the days of hereafter,”
Imams said yesterday during the Friday Sermon.

They said 2021 brought a slew of challenges, with a number of memorable events to be remembered and set as example.

“COVID-19 still does not show any signs of abating, jeopardising daily activities and impacting the economy, health and education,” the Imams said, adding, “We must be convinced that whatever happens is a testimony and provision from Allah the Almighty that asks of us to self-reflect for the betterment for the future.

“As a servant of Allah the Almighty, we are required to self-reflect whether we have intensified and fulfilled all the obligations ordered by Allah the Almighty.”

File photo of Ash-Shaliheen Mosque

Imams also called on the Ummah to assess the determination to be loyal to Allah the Almighty and perform the daily prayers, pay tithe, fast, not to engage in sinful acts like stealing, bribery and taking on interest.

“We should also reflect and ask ourselves whether we have executed our tasks. We should be responsible and carry on the tasks entrusted – as a parent, child, student, employee and head of a department.

“If our responsibilities and tasks are not up to the mark, we should strive for betterment.

“If there are still shortfalls and weaknesses, we should make changes by stepping up our efforts towards betterment.

“Mankind has many weaknesses and deficiencies.

Left unchecked, it would be difficult for us to assess our shortcomings and we are more inclined to assess flaws of others,” said the Imams.