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Imams to Ummah: Don’t spend beyond your means this Raya

Azlan Othman

Islam encourages Muslims to practise moderation and forbids overspending, Imams said in a sermon to mark Hari Raya Aidilfitri on Monday.

Imams said, “Although we are recommended to adorn ourselves and be joyful, it does not mean that we should overspend and burden ourselves financially. We should not spend beyond our means.”

Meanwhile, Muslims are urged to fast for six days during Syawal. Imams said those who complete the highly recommended fast will receive blessings as if they had fasted for the whole year.

“For three years, we have welcomed Syawal with the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent.

“As Muslims, we should persevere and wholeheartedly accept everything from Allah the Almighty.

“As faithful Ummah, we should self-reflect, supplicate, recite Zikir, Selawat, and read Al-Quran, perform Sunnat Hajat prayers and other efforts to earn blessings from Allah the Almighty and pray for protection from the coronavirus.

“We are convinced that Allah the Almighty will not let our continuous Doa and Munajat go to waste,” said Imams.

Imams also said, “We welcome Syawal with full of gratitude and joy regardless of position, poor or rich, young or old. However, amid the joy and cheer of celebration during this pandemic, we must continue to adhere to the standard operating procedures.”

Imams continued, “The public must remain vigilant, to protect each other especially those with high risk, such as the elderly.

“The public is urged to be cautious and to stay at home if they are not feeling well.”

They concluded by calling on Muslims to “pray that the COVID-19 pandemic will end in this nation and globally, and hope that the nation and people will receive blessings and protection from disasters”.