Imams share virtues of ‘Istighfar’ recitation

Azlan Othman

Muslims should intensify Taubat (repentance), as well as the recitation of Zikir (remembrance of Allah the Almighty) and Istighfar (the act of seeking forgiveness from Allah the Almighty), Imams said in the Friday sermon yesterday.

“Reciting Istighfar is highly recommended in seeking forgiveness from Allah the Almighty, and it is not limited to those who have committed sinful acts,” said Imams in delivering the sermon.

The sermon also outlined the virtues and advantages of Istighfar which include calming the Ummah amid worries, as well as receiving protection from Allah the Almighty from deception and temptation.

“Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) recited the Istighfar as a daily habit, which we should seek to emulate. Let us pray and seek protection from Allah the Almighty in the hope that our Taubat and Istighfar are answered,” said the Imams.

Imams also encouraged the public to adhere to the standard operating procedures by wearing face masks and practising social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The public should not be too complacent, or else all our efforts will be in vain for failing to shoulder the responsibility in following the rules,” said the Imams.