Imams lash out at unscrupulous traders

Azlan Othman

Islam forbids all forms of fraud, whether in businesses, muamalah (Islamic commercial transaction law) or deals. However, there are people in the society who resort to trade tricks to make a profit, said religious authorities in the Friday Sermon.

The Imams cited selling faulty items, selling food past their expiry dates, tweaking the scales to hike up the weight of a product, mixing fresh produce with spoilt ones, concealing small or spoilt goods by covering them with larger or fresher products, and adding dubious meat with certified Halal one as examples of unscrupulous conducts.

“A trader should not hide flawed products from the customers. If it is practised, then it is considered fraudulent,” they said.

The Imams added that an honest and trustworthy person deserves reward.

“Traders must always be careful and vigilant and not commit acts that violate Islamic and state law like dealing with illegal goods such as alcohol, stolen goods and smuggled products.”

The Imams said traders should conduct business in a way that pleases Allah the Almighty.

“A person cannot do the wrong thing to make a profit. Remember, Allah the Almighty watches every act of His servants including businessmen,” they said.

“All traders want profits, but in making a profit, they must prioritise honesty and trust because these qualities are among the sources of blessed sustenance.

“Let us hope that the source of sustenance we earn is halal and together we pray that we become people who are always grateful and not distracted by business from remembering Allah the Almighty, Imams said.