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Imams call on Muslims to reap benefits of Sya’aban

Azlan Othman

Muslims are urged to intensify pious acts in the current Islamic month of Sya’aban to seek forgiveness from Allah the Almighty.

Imams in the Friday sermon said among the practices encouraged in the month of Sya’aban is to intensify Puasa Sunnat (supererogatory fasting), seek repentance and recite Istighfar which is not only for those who have committed sinful acts, but also for all, and to increase

Zikir in remembering Allah the Almighty and supplication in praying for His protection.
Sya’aban has its specialty where virtuous deeds will be lifted by always committing pious and welfare acts. Imams added for those who have not completed their previous fasting in the month of Ramadhan can make use of the month of Sya’aban to make up for fasting that has not be accomplished. “We should make up for our missed days of fasting when we are still healthy, capable and energetic before welcoming the new month of Ramadhan after Sya’aban.”

Imams also said the attitude in the delay to make up for missed days of fasting without any illness is a sin and it is obligatory by paying Fidyah (a religious donation to help those in need). Those who are absolutely not capable to make up for their missed days of fasting such as from illness with no sign of recovery, are obliged to pay Fidyah. Let us intensify our piety and welfare acts in the month of Sya’aban to receive blessings and forgiveness from Allah the Almighty.”


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