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Imams advise Muslims against falling into financial scams

Azlan Othman

Muslims were urged not to fall prey to digital financial fraud spread through WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

Imams in the Friday sermon said today, at the press of a button, people can be preyed into digital financial fraud perpetrated by cyber criminals.

Crimes of digital financial fraud can be carried out through Phishing, which involves a weblink that resembles a normal file designed by cyber criminals.

Another form of fraud, called Smishing, involves a modus operandi involving SMS while Vishing involves the perpetrator calling the victim to get personal details.

The cyber criminals’ tactic is to influence and gain the trust of victims to share their personal and banking details.

Imams added that Islam encourages the Ummah to seek wealth in a Halal manner and forbids them from obtaining it via bribery, usury or fraud. Islam forbids all sorts of fraud, be it in business transaction, Islamic financing or when dealing with others.

To avoid being trapped into a digital financial fraud, people are urged to check the website received via SMS or email, not to easily provide personal details such as bank account password, debit card or credit card number, to check their bank statements regularly and to report to the bank of any discrepancies. The public is also advised not to use public WiFi for financial transactions as it is not safe as personal details may become compromised.

The Imams added the expansion of digital world gives a positive impact to the daily life, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and the current trend that requires digital communication to flourish for personal use, learning and employment.

The public is urged to be cautious to avoid any losses. They are also advised to self-reflect and be aware of the tactics perpetrated by fraudsters by getting clear information from relevant agencies and at the same time practice the saving culture and to be financially prudent.

“Let us pray for multiple sustenance and blessings for joy and happiness for the worldly affairs and in the days of the hereafter,” Imams said.