imagine reaches out to two NGOs

Izah Azahari

Following the launch of imagine’s A-Dollar-A-Cheer (ADAC) programme as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in September last year, the company presented BND5,528.32 to two local non-government organisations (NGOs) from donations collected over a three-month period, including contributions from imagine.

imagine Vice President of Finance Callie Tan presented BND2,754.66 to ProjekFEED, a youth-led programme aimed at empowering underprivileged families and providing them support, skills and knowledge in starting, maintaining and running their own businesses.

imagine Vice President of Customer Experience Management Irshad Ahamed presented BND2,773.66 to An-Nur Harapan. The funds will support the NGO’s UnikLearn Programme, aimed at providing life skills, training, and internship opportunities for differently abled youth. The programme includes the likes of soft skills or employability skills, functional living skills, and training for service occupation.

The ADAC initiative started as a short messaging service (SMS) donation platform, through which imagine postpaid and prepaid mobile customers could opt to donate BND1, BND5, BND10, BND15, BND20, BND50 or BND100 to the ADAC.

In December last year, imagine launched its ADAC website platform on allowing local and foreign donors to contribute to the ADAC fund regardless of their telco service provider.

The platform allows people to help those in need. With the pandemic affecting charity organisations’ abilities to raise funds through social events, assistance from donors is encouraged.

From January until March 2021, the ADAC platform will feature Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA) Brunei, an organisation supporting children living with cancer and their families; Society for the Management of Autism Related issues in Training, Education and Resources (SMARTER) Brunei, which provides education and training for individuals living with autism; and the Brunei Darussalam National Association of the Blind that caters to the development of the vision impaired.

Information on the ADAC initiative is available at, or through imagine’s social media account @_imaginebn on Instagram or @imaginebn on Facebook.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show the handing over of the donation to the two non-government organisations. PHOTOS: IMAGINE SDN BHD