imagine-Incomm partnership expands mobile service accessibility

Izah Azahari

Towards forging closer relations with the masses, imagine has teamed up with local mobile and business enterprise solutions provider Integrated Communications Sdn Bhd (Incomm) in a collaboration aiming to provide convenience and accessibility for the public to Imagine Sdn Bhd’s (imagine) consumer products and services.

The partnership was officiated through a signing ceremony represented by imagine CEO Suzannawati binti Haji Suharju and Datastream Technology Sdn Bhd CEO Ang Siok Tuan at Incomm’s Kiulap branch yesterday, which has been retrofitted with imagine’s signature branding.

In line with this milestone, the imagine-Incomm relationship is introducing a joint promotion until April 18, 2021 where customers who purchase any Samsung devices such as mobile phones, tablets or wearables are entitled to a free imagine Wish mobile prepaid starter pack worth BND15 preloaded with 1GB data and BND5 credit, and an additional BND5 top up credit.

The promotion may be availed through Incomm’s website at and through the company’s mobile application from Google Play. Customers may also visit any of Incomm’s five branches at The Mall Gadong, Kiulap, Latiffudin Complex at Tungku Link, Seria, and the Samsung Experience Store in the Gadong commercial area to benefit from this partnership.

With this collaboration over the coming months, Incomm will also carry imagine’s other products and services which will include broadband and mobile postpaid registrations, device bundle plans, port-in services, SIM card change and bill payments. Both companies have also agreed to feature Incomm’s products and services at imagine’s branches where customers for both imagine and Incomm can choose to visit either one to enjoy greater accessibility and convenience.

In the meantime, customers may also register online for imagine’s broadband, mobile postpaid and prepaid services through the company’s website at where online bill payment, port-in services and many other features are also available. Alternatively, customers may also visit any of imagine’s 10 branches throughout the country.

Information on imagine’s efforts to be closer to fellow Bruneians and beyond may be found through the company’s social media accounts @_imaginebn and @imaginebn on Instagram and Facebook respectively. Customers may also call imagine’s Talk2Us at 111.

Customers can also follow Incomm’s social media accounts on both Instagram and Facebook.

imagine CEO Suzannawati binti Haji Suharju and Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd CEO Ang Siok Tuan at the signing ceremony. PHOTO: IZAH AZAHARI