IKLS resume group outdoor training

Fadhil Yunus

IKLS-MB5 FC joined their rivals in the Brunei Super League (BSL) that have returned to field training for the first time since the widespread closure of outdoor sports complexes and facilities nationwide last month.

The Brunei-Muara-based outfit held their most recent training session at the National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) Football Field yesterday.

The club have been training at the NFABD Football Field since August at a time when authorities announced revised guidelines on team sports which allow training with an increased group size of 15 people.

In line with the guidelines, the club met the limit of the number of players allowed with football cones strategically allocated for the players.

IKLS have been training twice every Tuesday and Thursday, and now once on Monday and Saturday in alternative weeks.

IKLS-MB5 FC players during a training session. PHOTOS: FADHIL YUNUS
The players in a group photo

The BSL, the country’s top tier of football, remains suspended since mid-March and coincided with the closure of the sports facilities and complexes.

Team sports were given a much-needed boost as a group of 15 people allowed greater team interaction while on-the-ball training was made possible. Sharing of equipment has also been allowed albeit with minimal contact.

Competitions and matches are not allowed under the current phase of de-escalation which means clubs are not able to arrange friendly matches.

However, clubs are able to find other ways to step up the intensity of their training including quick passing drills, with the coaches providing instructions to players.

IKLS are one of the teams in the league that reportedly train at the NFABD Football Field other than Wijaya FC and Indera SC.

The under-19s which had been formed for the youth league, have also trained at the same place.

IKLS locked horns with reigning holders MS ABDB and title challengers Kota Ranger FC in their opening two matches of this season before the league was suspended.

The club reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup last year where they were stopped in their tracks by record winners MS ABDB.

They started the final day of the Brunei Premier League season outside the top three in 2017, and remarkably sealed promotion to the top flight in the most dramatic fashion.