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Idaho man throws chopsticks at balloons for his 180th world record

UPI – An Idaho man threw chopsticks to burst 55 balloons in one minute to break a Guinness World Record – his 180th concurrently-held title.

Serial record-breaker David Rush previously held the title for the most balloons burst with chopsticks in one minute when he managed to pop 24 balloons with his hand-thrown projectiles, but it was later broken by someone who popped 28.

Rush retook the record by bursting 41 balloons, but lost it again to a record-breaker who managed to pop 47.

The record-breaking master said he spent two months preparing for his latest attempt, throwing a total 10,000 chopsticks into cardboard boxes to fine-tune his speed and aim.

Rush successfully captured the title once again by popping 55 balloons in the 60-second time period.

The record marks Rush’s 180th concurrently-held Guinness World Records title, putting him in a tie with the world’s top record-breaker, Italian man Silvio Sabba.

David Rush in his record-breaking feat of bursting 55 balloons in one minute by using chopsticks. PHOTO: UPI