IBTE holds Industry 4.0 workshop

Danial Norjidi

A professional development workshop titled ‘Embarking on Industry 4.0’ began for 30 participants from Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) at SEAMEO Voctech yesterday.

The three-day workshop is jointly organised by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Training Academy of IBTE and the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Vocational and Technical Education and Training.

The workshop is conducted by Director of Aspire Consulting and Training from the United Kingdom Professor Jay Acharya.

According to a press release, the workshop aims to help participants envision and lead strategic and technical elements of Industry 3.0-based organisational transformations within the TVET sector.

The objectives of the workshop include: to demystify key Industry 4.0 and the ecosystem of stakeholders involved; review sample roadmaps for the real-world application of Industry 4.0 across a range of organisations, and its business and technological impacts; inform participants with case studies from diverse organisations and understand their opportunities and challenges; help participants understand how the TVET sector plays a major part in the future success of all other industry sectors; and realise how TVET could maintain a standard of Industry 4.0 in their thinking, and delivery of their services.

Participants during the workshop. PHOTO: DANIAL NORJIDI

The key benefits of the workshop will be acquiring the basic knowledge of data, tools and techniques to drive change and leverage Industry 4.0 through the telecoms business.

It was shared that with the integration of rich, interactive learning activities as well as traditional didactic components within the TVET sector, the workshop provides an opportunity to advance education and management systems.

Principal of IBTE Central Campus Dr Shiekh Lukman bin Sheikh Abdul Hamid was the guest of honour.

“I understand that the workshop will cover key concepts of future ‘smart industry’, the cyber-physical systems and physical processes within these industry environments, and the virtualisation techniques and intelligent decision-making capabilities which would support managers in leading these initiatives,” he said in his opening speech.

“Industry 4.0 is part of ‘Future Projects’ identified by many governments today as part of their High-Tech Strategy Action Plans representing a major opportunity to establish integrated industry lead markets.

“Through the series of planned interactive learning activities, which I believe is going to be very engaging, I hope that the participants will acquire the basic knowledge of data, tools and techniques which are required to drive change and leverage Industry 4.0.”

He shared that IBTE is investing profoundly in its employees to constantly improve their skills, become more proficient at their jobs, ensure the best learning outcomes for their students and become more effective and satisfied with various other aspects of their work.

“It is IBTE’s hope that this three-day workshop will internalise and encourage the participants to gain deeper understanding of IR 4.0 and how it can be adapted and implemented into our TVET system,” he added.