Hydrogen-rich water for a healthy body

OUR bodies need hydrogen, which is an antioxidant to neutralise free radicals, hydrate, cleanse and has revitalising effects on our body.

You can now drink quality ionised alkaline and hydrogen-rich water with the latest range of KempSmart i7 water ionisers that can generate water with active hydrogen levels of up to 1,600 parts per billion.

Its KempSmart i7 is the first in the industry to have a built-in seven plate NewTec watercells that generates nano-hydrides and nano-minerals through electrolysis.

The water produced is free from harmful residues, and is rich in hydrogen and alkaline ions that help to replace mineral salts in the body and maintain the body’s pH balance.

KempSmart i7 is Korea FDA approved and is equipped with a 0.01 micron KDF filter that effectively removes chlorine, impurities, soluble heavy metals such as lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved heavy metals.

KempSmart i7 Black
KempSmart i7u undersink

The platinum-titanium mesh plates are tested and certified by the Singapore TUV PSB. The patented DARC cleaning mechanism cleans the plates each time you processed alkaline water maintaining the plates in tip-top condition, saving water and optimising ionisation.

The smart system also features a touchscreen and interactive technology that enables you to adjust pH and hydrogen levels to suit your taste.

There are various models of water ionisers available, ranging from countertop to under-the-sink models that complement well with any kitchen décor’.

Log on to website @ www.kempsingapore.com or call 62725337 for more information.