Hundreds reel in the fun

Daniel Lim

Hundreds gathered on the Belait Beach shoreline to participate in the Surf Cast Competition organised by the Village Consultative Council of Kampong Pandan B yesterday.

A total of 146 participants lined up along the beachfront behind Seaview Hotel, Kuala Belait to cast their lures and catch the fish during the changing of tides.

Guest of honour and Belait District Officer Ramlee bin Haji Jamudin was welcomed by Acting Village Head of Kampong Pandan B Morney bin Amat and Chairman of the competition Muhammad Rawiyani bin Morney.

Haji Zulkaimy bin Haji Kinin won the top spot for having the biggest catch, a stingray weighing 8.775 kilogrammes, followed by Suprinyanto Ng and Endang Kamaludin for catching Ikan Bawal Emas weighing 1.605kg and 1.405kg.

Meanwhile, awards were presented to Haji Ariffin bin Haji Daud who caught the first fish of the day just 10 minutes into the competition and Haji Mohd Yusof bin Haji Dulamin who caught the most fish with ten in total.

Haji Zulkaimy bin Haji Kinin (above) receives his award for catching the largest fish in the competition; and surf casters in action. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM