Hundreds of Tutong residents cast votes for new leaders

Aziz Idris

A total of 937 residents from Mukim Pekan Tutong cast their ballots to determine the nominee for Penghulu of Mukim Pekan Tutong and Village Head of Kampong Sengkarai at the Seri Kenangan Hall, Tutong District Civic Centre Complex recently.

A total of 1,353 are eligible voters and registered for the vote.

The candidates for the position of Mukim Pekan Tutong Penghulu were former education officer Salim bin Haji Othman, 55, and Abdul Kahar bin Haji Yahya, 48, who is working at the Tutong District Office.

Salim obtained a majority of votes with 546, while Abdul Kahar received 348 votes and 43 were disqualified.

Meanwhile, 152 residents voted for Abdul Aziz bin Haji Hamdan as the sole candidate for the position of Kampong Sengkarai

A senior citizen casts his vote. PHOTOS: TUTONG DISTRICT OFFICE
A woman inserts her vote into the ballot box

Village Head. Of the total 160, four voted against Abdul Aziz and four were disqualified.

Abdul Aziz, 36, is a member of the Creative Development Body (BKK) Tutong District and an active volunteer for the position.

The event was open to residents of Kampong Penanjong, Kampong Panchor, Kampong Petani and Kampong Sengkarai.

All ballots were marked in private booths and placed by the voters in padlocked transparent ballot boxes.

The boxes were opened for public viewing and counted on the spot upon window closure.

Acting Tutong District Officer Md Amirul Hadi bin Haji Md Tajudin oversaw the voting process accompanied by Legislative Council member Yang Berhormat Haji Abdul Wahab bin Apong, as well as officials from the Tutong District Office and Ministry of Home Affairs.

The votes will be forwarded to the Ministry of Home Affairs for further processing.

The position for Mukim Pekan Tutong Penghulu has been vacant since December 31, 2011, while the post for Kampong Sengkarai Village Head since June 23, 2019.