How are govt housing applications handled?

I HAVE been a resident of ‘Class C’ flats in Kampong Kiarong for a few years.

I was recently promoted to a ‘Division 2’ position which entitles me to a bigger ‘Class B’ flat I can apply for.

I was informed by my department that I have to wait for my turn which I obliged.

However, I met an old friend and was surprised when he mentioned that he was given a ‘Class B’ flat at a newly constructed private flat.

He said that he was lucky as he just applied for government housing (he applied at a later date than my application).

He invited me to visit his place which was about 5km from where I live.

The flat has 32 units and all are occupied by government servants. The building was spacious and modern with basic common facilities.

Is it more sustainable to allocate applications to a newer private-owned property rather than to existing flats?

I ask because there are still empty ‘Class B’ flats near my area which lie unused.

Also I am wondering how applications for government housing allocated and handled?

I am confused to hear that my friend’s application was prioritised as opposed to mine which was made much earlier than him.

– Unfairly treated, BSB