Housing, population e-census period extended to July

James Kon

The e-census implementation of the Population and Housing Census (BPP) 2021 has been extended until July 21, after it was initially set to conclude on June 21, the Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (JPES) of the Ministry of Finance and Economy announced.

According to the JPES, the department has recorded an increasing number of users in the e-census system recently, in addition to receiving continuous calls through the hotline, resulting in some incoming calls not getting through. It was also found that most users are not yet registered or have not completed the census questions.

The extension period for the e-census is intended to provide more time for users to complete theirs in an orderly manner. JPES will also strive to promptly answer all inquiries received via email, short message service and WhatsApp text.

JPES urged the public, especially heads of households/families who have not registered to do so immediately and complete their e-census. E-census clinics set up to assist the public in filling out the e-census will continue to be conducted. The latest schedule will be notified through the BPP 2021 portal at www.brucensus.gov.bn.

The implementation of the third stage of BPP 2021: face-to-face interview scheduled from July 20 until August 2 is now postponed to August 2-29. Heads of households/families who have opted for face-to-face interviews are encouraged to try the e-census by visiting the scheduled e-census clinics, contact JPES directly or through the hotline.

The e-census is a new method introduced in BPP 2021 to facilitate the public in filling in information online within the stipulated period. Detailed information related to housing characteristics and demographic characteristics of each household/family member will be collected, including questions on education, employment, health and leisure activities.

BPP 2021 is conducted under the Census Act, Chapter 78 from the Laws of Brunei Darussalam. The Census Act makes it obligatory for the public to answer all questions and guarantees the confidentiality of information provided. Failure to cooperate or provide the information by the census is an offence. If found guilty, a BND2,500 fine and six months imprisonment may be imposed.

For information, contact 8382021/8382022 for Brunei-Muara District, 8382023 for Belait District, 8382024 for Tutong District, 8382025 for Temburong District, or Darussalam Line 123. The public can also call 2230265 or 2230250 during office hours or email to [email protected]