Houseflies issue back again in Kampong Bebatik Kulapis

I WOULD like to readdress the houseflies issue around Kampong Bebatik Kulapis.

I last wrote a letter regarding the same issue published in the Opinion page of the Borneo Bulletin in 2018.

It created the necessary push addressing the problem and there was a noticeable reduction of houseflies in the area.

I was thankful for the efforts and thought it would be a permanent and consistent action by the authorities.

However, the amount of houseflies has recently increased, depending on the weather.

I feel like the efforts done has slacked.

There are times, especially in the evening, when I could sense the presence of foul smell emanating from a distance.

This may not be the cause of the problem but the number of houseflies can be overwhelming.

Is there a way for the authorities to tackle this issue?

I hope the issue can be addressed soon as with an outbreak of houseflies, diseases will soon follow, which may be too late.

– On behalf of the residents of Bebatik Kulapis