Houseflies issue also in Kg Tanjong Nangka

I AM writing in support of the letter ‘Houseflies issue back again in Kampong Bebatik Kulapis’ by ‘On behalf of the residents of Bebatik Kulapis’ published in the Opinion page of the Weekend Bulletin on February 16.

I have also written a few letters regarding the situation previously.

The flies have made a comeback, as said by the above writer.

Not only in Kampong Bebatik Kulapis, but Kampong Tanjong Nangka is also affected.

Life was peaceful for a while until the flies made a comeback.

Why is this happening?

Have the authorities monitored the situation and done anything?

If something has been done, why is it ineffective?

What assurances are we given that the flies will be gone for good?

Perhaps members of the Legislative Council can bring this matter up in the next Legislative Council session.

– Awang Tuah