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House fire doused in 10 minutes

Rokiah Mahmud

Firefighters extinguished a house fire in 10 minutes after receiving a distress call about a fire at RPN Kampong Mentiri on Sunday.

SO Pengiran Haji Ali Abdul Rahman bin Pengiran Haji Halus led nine firefighters from Mentiri Fire Station of Operation ‘A’ branch in response to the call.

When the team arrived at the scene, the fire had already consumed a room on the upper section of the house made from concrete and spandex roof.

The firefighters doused the fire in 10 minutes.

No injuries or loss of life were reported.

The cause of fire and estimation of losses are under investigation.

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) reminded the public to equip their home with dry powder type fire extinguisher and fire blanket, ensure that electrical appliances are switched off before leaving the house and not to leave cooking unattended and check the gas regulator and pipes for leakage.

ABOVE & BELOW: Smoke billows from the house; and a firefighter extinguishes the fire. PHOTOS: FRD

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