House collapses in Kg Ayer, no one hurt

Rokiah Mahmud

A wooden house in Kampong Pengiran Tajuddin Hitam, Kampong Ayer collapsed on Sunday, while the occupants were away.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), six personnel led by ASO Haji Murni bin Haji Maidin of Watch Commander of ‘B’ Team from Pelancaran Fire Station were rushed to the scene after a distress call was received at 4.38pm.

Upon arrival at the scene, the firefighters found that the wooden house submerged in water.

The dwelling was built with wooden walls and zinc roofing.

The cause of the incident is under investigation, while estimated losses are yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, the FRD has received six distress calls involving house collapse this year, compared to four calls last year.

The department advised the public to equip their home with safety equipment including a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and battery-operated smoke detector, and conduct regular
home inspection.

Any installation of wiring and electrical equipment should be done by qualified technicians.

Electrical appliances must be switched off after use or before leaving the house.

During an emergency, the public can contact the FRD directly at 995 and provide correct information on the incident.

The collapsed house in Kampong Pengiran Tajuddin Hitam. PHOTOS: FRD
FRD personnel at the scene