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Hotline needed to report suspicious activities in KB

We would like to applaud the recently-concluded Legislative Council (LegCo) session for highlighting a serious issue that has been plaguing the country for over 20 years.

At the meeting, a LegCo member showed genuine concerns for the future of the locals and called for an end to foreign workers abusing their work permits.

We wholeheartedly agree with his assertion of the situation.

Take Kuala Belait for instance. A visit to the town is typically greeted with countless convenience stores that are owned by a handful of foreign nationals.

With no one stopping them, the town will soon turn into a foreign workers haven, with them running restaurants, tailor shops and convenience stores, while offering remittance services to the public on the side.

We would like to call for the authorities to clamp down on these illegal operations by setting up a hotline for the public to report suspicious activities, such as money-laundering schemes.

After all, Kuala Belait is a town that should be shared by all, and not for a group of people to monopolise and rule over others.

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