Hotel prepares responders for emergency situation

Lyna Mohamad

Mulia Hotel held a Fire Drill Exercise at its premises yesterday.

The emergency scenario involved guests, tenants and staff evacuating a building and gathering at an assembly point after a ‘fire’ broke out at the hotel’s first floor kitchen at around 2.30pm.

The hotel’s building emergency control team took charge of the situation and coordinated their team to evacuate and made an emergency call to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD).

The Emergency Medical Ambulance Services and the Royal Brunei Police Force followed suit and the Mulia Hotel Fire Marshals briefed the current situation to the FRD commander, medic team and the RBPF.

Most of the staff are certified first aider and CPR trained by Megamas. They also attended a three-day training course with the FRD.

“These drills will train first responders to handle emergency situations and reassure the public that the Royal Brunei Police Force, FRD and other agencies are prepared to handle such situations,” said Director of Operations of Mulia Hotel and Hotel Building Emergency Controller Mohd Iswandi bin Maaruf, who led the fire drill exercise.

The fire drill in session. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD