Hotel lounge entertainment case adjourned to August 3

Fadley Faisal

More time was given to the defence party in a case where a local man is facing charges under the Excise Order and Public Entertainment Act.

Lawyer Rajiv Prabhakaran, representing Ang Thian Wee, 67, who faces two charges under Section 146(1)(d) of the Excise Order 2006 and one charge under Section 18(1) of the Public Entertainment Act, Chapter 181, asked for more time to finalise their case.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Siti Nurjauinah binti Haji Kula’s charges were drafted against Ang following inspections conducted by the Royal Brunei Police Force and the Royal Customs and Excise Department personnel on March 11, 2018 at the lounge on the second floor of a hotel in Anggerek Desa.

The personnel discovered 110 bottles of liquor, 354 cans of beer and 67 packets of cigarettes.

The defendant is also alleged to have provided public entertainment in the form of video game machines without a permit.

Magistrate Hajah Ervy Sufitriana binti Haji Abdul Rahman adjourned the case to August 3.