Host of activities fosters close ties between young and old

|     Ishan Ibrahim     |

THE Bina Ukhwah Project recently organised a community programme focussing on the elderly members of the populace in the Tutong District.

Comprised mainly of youth, the Bina Ukhwah Project held the session named Senyuman Emas at the recreational park in Kampong Sungai Basong, Tutong.

Tutong Senior Citizens Activity Centre members, led by its Manager Haji Metamit bin Mat Zain, participated in the event.

The elderly members were entertained and had an enjoyable time with fun and engaging activities such as bermukun (singing and dancing) and berpantun (rhyming verse with traditional themes and tunes).

Al-Huffaz Management, Caffe Bene and Lily Imani presented prizes to the winners and participants.

Bina Ukhwah Project members with participants in a group photo. – ISHAN IBRAHIM

Senyuman Emas event Chairman Norsuziyani binti Abdullah, who is also from Bina Ukhwah Project, said, “We are so delighted to execute this project called Senyuman Emas 2.0, which aims to narrow the gap between the generations.

“We gathered the youth from different backgrounds to be involved with us to spend time with the senior citizens through fun activities such as bermukun.

“We also try to raise awareness on the social inclusion of the senior citizens to tackle the issue of abandonment.”

Bina Ukhwah Project hoped the event will encourage youth to find the time and efforts to socialise with the elderly members of the society, and to organize events that these members can participate in and savour.