Horse riders ‘giddy-up’ for KB contest

|    Daniel Lim   |

THE Brunei Shell Recreation Club (BSRC) Horse Riding Club has been conducting a weekly show jumping clinic to prepare their team of riders and horses for the Horse Show Jumping Competition on April 28.

“The clinic is hosted annually by the club prior to any competition the club’s riders will be participating,” said Stable Manager and Head Trainer at the BSRC Horse Riding Club Indra Rosendi in an interview with the Bulletin during a clinic session last Saturday.

“The clinic is treated as extra class sessions for the riders to get familiar with riding their partner horse on the field.

“Clinics such as these are important to help build trust between the riders and their horses, which is important to ensure that the skills of both rider and the horse can shine during the upcoming competition.”

As many as 17 riders from the BSRC Horse Riding Club – not including riders from the Brunei-Muara District – had registered for the clinic to hone their skills in preparation for the upcoming competition, Indra said.

He added that a practice round will be held on April 21 for all participating riders.

“This practice session will be participated by riders from not only the BSRC Horse Riding Club, but also invited riders from other horse riding clubs, especially those from the Brunei-Muara District,” Indra said.

“This is to give the riders a chance to familiarise themselves with the course that will be set up for the competition.”

Stable Manager and Head Trainer at the BSRC Horse Riding Club Indra Rosendi cares for one of the horses at the stable at BSRC Horse Riding Club
Indra Rosendi together with Dayangku Amira Farzana binti Pengiran Maszidi during the clinic. – PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM
A rider participate in the clinic

Indra said the sport is not as intimidating as it initially seems.

“Many riders at the club, some of whom are local residents, have come to love the art of horse riding,” Indra said.

“The BSRC Horse Riding Club has since made it as easy as ever to start one’s horse riding journey as it offers various promotional packages not only for BSRC members but also for the public interested in learning the art of horse riding.

“Our advice to those who are new to horse riding is to have some desire and inspiration to start. Many local riders at the club started with a simple desire to start riding as they were also inspired by other riders on the field.”

One such rider is Dayangku Amira Farzana binti Pengiran Maszidi, whom the Bulletin spoke to prior to her session at the clinic.

“I started horse riding at age seven when my mother brought me to participate in various sporting activities, and horse riding was one of them. I joined in the activity for over five years,” she said.

“Due to other commitments I was not able to continue horse riding, but I began horse riding again in January this year and since then I have been actively participating and training at the clinic twice a week for the upcoming competition.”

Dayangku Amira Farzana explained that one of the important aspects of horse riding is to be calm and not be scared when interacting with or riding on the horse.

“As animals, the horses are keenly aware of the rider’s condition and will act accordingly,” she advised.

“Though there are some horses here that are quite stubborn, even so, it is possible to become familiar with the horses as the bond and trust between the rider and horse grows closer over time.”

Asked what preparations are required for people keen on starting horse riding and what her opinion is of those who have reservations about getting into the sport, Dayangku Amira Farzana replied, “Very little preparation is required – a short visit to the club can help inspire the start of a new journey in horse riding. The sport is a fun activity that has no downsides for me.

“There are instances when novice riders have stopped riding altogether after falling off their horses, but for me personally, I have fallen off horses several times, and I still continue with the sports. I don’t personally see any negativity of taking up the sport. My passion for horse riding is strong, but the support of my parents has also been the key in getting into the sport.”