Hong Kong lifts quarantine on cruise ship

BEIJING (AP) — Hong Kong has lifted a quarantine on the World Dream cruise ship after clearing all crew members of the new virus. The ship has been placed under quarantine since it docked last Wednesday after eight mainland Chinese passengers on a voyage last month were diagnosed with the virus.

Port official Leung Yiu-hon said tests on all 1,800 crew members were completed ahead of schedule and were negative.

He said yesterday that the quarantine of the ship, which has more than 1,800 mostly Hong Kong passengers, will end and all those on board will be allowed to leave.

Some passengers who were symptomatic had tested negative, and Leung said there was no need to test all passengers because they had no contact with the eight who were infected.

He said there was “no need for further surveillance or follow-up” of those on board.

There are 26 virus cases in the financial hub, which has sealed almost all its border checkpoints with mainland China and imposed a quarantine on all arrivals from the mainland in a bid to stem the spread of the virus.

Passengers from the cruise ship ‘World Dream’ docked at Kai Tak cruise terminal, wave to family members on shore in Hong Kong. PHOTO: AP