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Homeowners must set repayment as priority: Minister

James Kon

It is the homeowner’s responsibility in the National Housing Scheme to make repayment consistently, as stated in the agreement between the owner and the government. The commitment of making repayment consistently must be given priority by homeowners under the scheme.

In enhancing the effectiveness in repayment collection, the Ministry of Development (MoD), through the Housing Development Department, will continue to issue notices and reminders to homeowners as well as guarantors under the National Housing Scheme to provide updated payment status such as payments that have been made and outstanding payments.

Minister of Development Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Ir Awang Haji Suhaimi bin Haji Gafar highlighted this in response to Legislative Council (LegCo) member Yang Berhormat Pengiran Haji Mohamed bin Pengiran Haji Osman @ Othman on the issue of late repayment by National Housing Scheme homeowners during the 18th LegCo session yesterday.

“Monthly salary cut and payment through the counter or online billing payment system are among the platforms available to facilitate repayments,” the minister said.

The MoD, through the Housing Development Department, “will continue to look at other approaches to addressing the issue of late housing repayment by stressing on raising public awareness on early savings to own a house in the future,” he said.

Replying to LegCo member Yang Berhormat Haji Emran bin Haji Sabtu’s question on initiatives to provide a housing scheme for single youth, the minister said, “Among the requirements to apply for housing is for applicants to be aged 18 and above. However, applications are also subject to other conditions, such as having an income of BND450 to BND3,030 per month as well as the applicant’s spouse not owning any property.”

On National Housing Scheme applications, he said, “Priority is given to applicants who are married and have dependents. Therefore applicants who are single with dependents will also be given priority.”

He added, “Currently, the Housing Development Department does not have a housing scheme for youth.”


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