HMYK4 set to enthral movie-lovers during Raya

|     Aziz Idris     |

THIS festive season will be made more joyous with the release of Brunei’s first Hari Raya motion picture, Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat (HMYK4), in cinemas nationwide tomorrow.

Local media representatives and sponsors were among the first to view the film during an exclusive screening of the film at The Empire Cineplex yesterday.

Directed by an award-winning Director Siti Kamaluddin and spearheaded by Origin Artistic, HMYK4 is a drama-comedy written 100 per cent in Bahasa Melayu Brunei, making it relatable and fitting for this festive period.

The film also takes pride of the 99 per cent local cast and production crew working under the guidance of the female director.

The film revolves around Amin, portrayed by Kai Anwar also known as Babu Si Nur, and his grumpy neighbour Bakar, played by Shafiee Mostar and the duo has to deal with several unresolved issues among themselves before it’s too late.

The genuine chemistry between the two lead actors and the superb performances of Yasmin actress Liyana Yus as Meena and new faces lan Zulkifli and Tey Wan make the movie a must-watch.

When asked what inspired the film, Siti Kamaluddin said, “Hari Minggu Yang Ke-Empat is something that everyone can relate to. It reflects the beauty of Hari Raya – redemption, forgiveness, appreciation and mending relationships. I hope the audience will love and appreciate this film as much as we do.”

She also recounted several challenges faced during the two-week-long filming, working round the clock with some new and experienced crew, which wrapped up only last week.

“It was a huge challenge to coordinate and bring together an ensemble cast, making sure everybody is functioning properly and on time because it’s a steep learning curve.

“However, the experience of working with the talented and young crew was superb,” she chimed, adding that “everybody influenced each other”.

A combination of veteran and new actors makes this film unique experience to watch.

Shafiee Mostar

Shafiee Mostar, who has 40 years’ acting experience in the small screen, told reporters that this was his first role in the big screen and expressed his appreciation for the selection.

“Working with Siti Kamaluddin was enjoyable, especially when witnessing the hard work put in by the actors and the crew that are still learning and very new to the film industry,” he said, adding that it was also a learning experience for him.

For Kai Anwar, learning something was a worthwhile experience he never forgets as a newcomer to the film scene. “Learning something new can be quite challenging at times, but it was enjoyable working with the dedicated and committed HMYK4 team,” he said.

At the end of the screening, Siti Kamaluddin expressed her appreciation to the cast and crew who have worked and trained tirelessly over the past few months to make the film.

The release of HMYK4 and the involvement of new local cast and crew are expected to see more quality local content coming out of Brunei Darussalam.