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Hit-and-run culprit scot-free due to faulty CCTV at hotel

Last Saturday, my family and I had dinner at a hotel restaurant in Kampong Jerudong. There was a heavy downpour that evening and I didn’t realise my car had been hit until the following morning. The back of the vehicle had been badly damaged, to the point that the hood would not close properly.

Stunned, my husband and I returned to the hotel to seek assistance in finding the culprit of the hit-and-run.

However, we were informed the CCTV at the car park did not work. The management also insisted that the hotel could not be held responsible even though our car was parked at the area designated for diners.

What saddens me is that we will never know who hit my car due to the lack of security maintenance at the hotel’s premises.

Mrs Disappointed