High-speed maglev line planned to link southwest China’s scenic cities

KUNMING (Xinhua) – Southwest China’s Yunnan Province has planned to lay a high-speed maglev line to link the provincial capital of Kunming and the mountainous city of Lijiang.

Deputy Director of the Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission Zhou Minxin said on Sunday that the high-speed maglev system designed to boast a top speed of over 350km per hour with a total length of 430km is estimated to need an investment of more than 100 billion yuan (USD14.2 billion).

“The golden tourist route is expected to attract a large number of passengers,” Zhou said.

Currently, railway passengers en route from Kunming to Lijiang have to detour through Dali. The limited railway capacity cannot meet the rising passenger and freight transport demands.

Lijiang is known for its quaint towns and the snow-capped Yulong Mountain. Both Kunming and Lijiang are popular domestic tourist destinations.

Visitors ski on Wawu Mountain in Hongya County, Southwest China’s Sichuan Province. PHOTO: XINHUA