High enthusiasm at ECA Open Day

SLIGHT pandemonium erupted during ECA club registrations as a flurry of students leapt to join their desired clubs. This precedence dubbed as Kemuda Institute’s (KI) ECA Open Day was held at the institute’s Bandar Seri Begawan (BSB) campus on April 13.

The event started after the arrival of students and lecturers. The opening prayer was lead by ExCo of Religious Affairs Amirul Zaqwan. The MC of the event was Taswim the ExCo of Public Relations whom livened the occasion with his colourful commentary.

Head of Student Affairs Yanche Ari Kustiawan conducted a presentation highlighting the importance of joining ECA clubs and introduced the clubs to the students.

Seven clubs were divided into two groups – youth and culture clubs, and sports clubs.

Youth clubs comprised Korean and Leisure, Creative Arts, and Home Science while sports clubs comprised Futsal, Badminton, Dodgeball, and Basketball.

Minutes passed and the number of students at the registration booths dwindled. Students left assured and excited for the ECAs of the their choice.

As a fellow student, I took the liberty of joining the Home Science club, hoping to add cooking to my repertoire. I also joined the Basketball club where I look forward to some dunking action. Jaime Paola Guemary

Student Council members prepare for registration
Students bombard a registration desk