High Court upholds sentence in impersonation case

The High Court upheld a Magistrate’s Court decision in handing a sentence of six years, four months’ jail with four whippings to a local man who was convicted of 24 charges under the Penal Code, Chapter 22 yesterday.

The applicant Muhammad Alimin bin Malek Shahrin was found guilty after trial for multiple counts of theft, mischief and impersonation.

In the course of trial, he pleaded guilty to three charges of impersonation, theft and mischief.

After the sentence was passed, he appealed against it.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP)Sabrina binti Haji Mahmud submitted that the applicant was convicted for 22 offences committed one after another between July and August 2018.

“Had he not been caught, there is a likelihood of continuation of his criminal activity,” DPP Sabrina said in directing the court’s attention towards aggravated features of the case. The respondent submitted that the applicant’s action caused damages to the government and the public.


“Certainly his act of stealing the electrical equipment caused grave inconvenience to the government due to the cost of repairs involved which is estimated at BND40,700,” the
DPP said.

DPP Sabrina submitted that “the applicant, being a former employee of the Department of Electrical Services tried to deceive the public that he was an employee of the department while he was committing the offences. The applicant is also not new to crime as he possesses records for theft in a dwelling in 2005”.

The respondent told the court that the sentences passed were in the public interest.
Chief Justice Dato Seri Paduka Steven Chong dismissed the applicant’s appeal seeing that “the applicant has no arguable case against the sentence imposed in the court below”.