High Court sentences trio in gold heist case

Fadley Faisal

The High Court yesterday handed sentences to three out of four people who pleaded guilty in the gold heist case.

Chief Justice Dato Seri Paduka Steven Chong sentenced Rosizan bin Haji Jumat, 38, to eight years’ jail with 12 canings and Mohammad Amirul Alif bin Ali, 33, to 12 years’ jail with 12 canings, for gang robbery and housebreaking; and Norziana binti Nordin, 37, to two years’ jail for receiving or retaining property stolen in the gang robbery.

Mohammad Noh bin Mohd Edham, 36, had claimed trial to the charges he faced for gang robbery and housebreaking.

The Chief Justice gave consideration to sentencing authorities submitted by Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Raihan Nabilah binti Haji Ahmad Ghazali.

The DPP’s facts of the case summarised by the High Court stated that Rosizan and Mohammad Amirul Alif, along with another person, were driving around Jalan Bukit Bendera, Tutong, on the afternoon of December 11, 2020, when they came across a car exiting a house compound.

Surmising that the house would be empty, they decided to steal from it.

After making that none of the occupants were present, Mohammad Amirul Alif and the other person went to the back of the house, while Rosizan remained in the car as the getaway driver.

The other person kicked the back door down and entered the house, with Mohammad Amirul Alif.

After stealing a samurai sword, the two men returned to the car where Rosizan was waiting, and drove off.

As they were leaving, Mohammad Amirul Alif told Rosizan to go back to the house, as he was not satisfied with the loot. He also indicated that he wanted to see whether there was anything else to steal.

Back at the house, Rosizan waited in the car again, while the other two men entered through the back door.

This time, they stole a television and katana.

Rosizan sold the television and gave away one of the katanas in exchange for drugs.

On the afternoon of December 12, 2020, Rosizan, Mohammad Amirul Alif and the other person carried out their plan to rob from a jewellery shop at Kampong Tanjung Bunut.

Parked at a nearby bank building, Rosizan was again the getaway driver, while Muhammad Amirul Alif and the other person went into the shop, wearing face masks and armed with a machete and a hammer.

The owner and employees at the shop were attending to customers at the time. When the two men entered, the other person smashed the glass display with his hammer.

When a customer tried to detain the two men, Muhammad Amirul Alif pointed the machete menacingly at him.

After Muhammad Amirul Alif grabbed nine gold necklaces worth about BND16,000 from the smashed glass display, the two men ran out of the shop and into the waiting getaway car.

They went off to Bukit Beruang, Tutong, while dividing the loot.

Rosizan had informed Norziana of the plan, as well as his share of the loot, and asked her to sell it for him.

Norziana met up with a friend in Seria the following day and sold two gold necklaces for BND1,300.

She got to keep BND310 for herself, handed BND740 to Rosizan, and gave BND250 to her friend.

Muhammad Amirul Alif also met up with the buyer in the evening and sold his share of the loot for BND1,127.

Police investigations led to their arrests. It was discovered the buyer had sold the gold necklaces to a goldsmith in Kuala Belait, who in turn had the gold necklaces melted down into a gold bar, which was later confiscated by the police.

“Deterrence must be the dominant consideration in sentencing in order to protect the public,” the Chief Justice said on handing down the sentences.