High Court quashes duo’s appeal in drug case

|     Fadley Faisal     |

A DUO’S appeal against conviction under the Misuse of Drugs Act was dismissed by the High Court on finding that there were no elements of involuntary agreement to the evidences set out in trial.

In the Magistrate’s Court, Salmalisa binti Salim denied a charge of possessing 5.1066 grammes of Methylamphetamine and consuming the drug, while Sewadin bin Mattamin denied a charge of trafficking 5.1066 grammes of Methylampehtamine. A trial led to their convictions and sentence.

In the High Court appeal, Justice Gareth John Lugar-Mawson found that the trial magistrate had taken great care in relying on evidences from witnesses. There were also no elements of the defendants being pressured into giving statements (before the trial) and agreeing to the statements in trial.

Sewadin also appealed against his sentence. However, Justice Lugar-Mawson saw no reason for review.

The duo was represented by lawyer Rozaiman Abdul Rahman, while DPP Farhanah binti Pehin Dato Haji Suhaili responded.