Heavy snowfall leads to avalanche warnings, power outages and one casualty

BERLIN (AP) — Local authorities issued avalanche warnings for the eastern region of Austria yesterday.

A German skier was injured whilst skiing on a closed slope in the Hahnenkamm region in Tyrol. He was rescued by plane to a Bavarian hospital in Kempten, ORF reported.

Furthermore, 4,000 homes faced power outages. Electricity provider Tinetz commented that several electrical lines were snapped either by the snow or the fallen trees, ORF reported.

After several days of heavy snowfall in Tyrol and other regions of the Austrian Alps, several roads were still closed and some valleys were cut off.

The heavy snowfall also struck neighbouring countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the northern region of Italy.

Pedestrian walks along the snow covered road in the small village of Espinal, northern Spain on December 6.