Healthy Hero workshop aims for active lifestyle

THE Coffee Bean Brunei is collaborating with the Ministry of Health, Health Promotion Centre and Jumping Stars for the Healthy Hero Brunei workshop that aims to educate students about achieving a healthy lifestyle, in both body and mind.

The workshop targets students aged 12 to 15 and aims to educate them on the basics of healthy eating and cooking, learning more about their body from physical activities and discover the aspects of healthy thinking.

The workshop will conduct activities such as a health-themed Amazing Race called ‘Race To Health’ by the Health Promotion Centre, a Mini ‘Healthy Master Chef’ competition by The Coffee Bean and ‘Learning about My Body’ by Jumping Stars. The Jumping stars programme also known as Shooting Stars Basketball Brunei is group made up of local coaches focussing on gross motor skills, strength, hand-eye coordination, footwork, and agility.

It is a known fact that one in four children or students are obese in Brunei for 2016. The Coffee Bean is taking the initiative to help the country combat this epidemic, one student at a time.

In addition to learning about the healthy lifestyle, students will get to meet new friends and like-minded peers and make new memories with children from all over Brunei. This will also be a way for students to start their school holidays by having focussed health orientated goals this month.

The registration will close on March 17. The Healthy Hero is inclusive of breakfast, lunch and high tea and will be from 8am – 4pm on March 19 and 20 at The Health Promotion Centre on the Commonwealth Drive.