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Hairspray can save your white clothes

AFP – An immaculate white shirt and foundation rarely go well together. Just a few slightly clumsy moves will be enough to sully the collar of a garment, requiring the wearer to change in a hurry… if they’re lucky enough to have not already left their home.

However, a new trick spotted on TikTok should allow us to put an end to this source of embarrassment, without having to break the piggy bank and in a just a few minutes.

If you ever wear a full face of makeup, you have probably already experienced this unwanted occurrence at least once or twice.

That embarrassing moment when you realise that there’s a small, but noticeable streak of foundation, concealer, or bronzing powder, deposited on the collar of a shirt, turtleneck sweater, or even an immaculate white T-shirt or some other garment in a light shade.

It’s hard to escape it, especially if you’re one of those people who tends to make sudden movements without considering the consequences.

A simple nod of the head can sometimes be enough to ruin a whole day.

Say goodbye to traces of makeup on white clothes thanks to this beauty tip spotted on TikTok. PHOTO: AFP

But don’t panic, as usual, TikTok users have dug deep into their bag of tricks to come up with an inventive way to put an end to this type of mishap, and allow you to go about your business embarrassment-free.

Unlike many beauty tips and tricks found on the Chinese social network, this is not really a trend, but rather a piece of advice from makeup artist Rachel Nugent.

The young woman, whose videos were until now seen by less than 2,000 users on average and who recently counted around 4,000 followers, seems to be on her way now to greater fame however.

Her tip has already been viewed by more than 170,000 people. And among those who have viewed it, a multitude have left comments praising this infallible gesture that has probably changed the daily life of several users.

To reduce the risk of makeup transferring onto the collar of any shirt, T-shirt, or light-coloured blouse or dress, all it takes is a little hairspray, according to the makeup artist.

In the video, we see Nugent spraying the collar of her white shirt and showing off the result at the end of the day. Impeccable.

She also specifies that the hairspray doesn’t feel sticky and that there is no discomfort.

While the expert does specify that she spotted this hack in the Stories of Olivia Jade Attwood, users are thanking her in the comments of the publication for her demonstration.

“This cannot be possible! This is the information I have needed for a long time!” reads one comment.

Another user laments the fact that she didn’t know of this tip before: “Wish I’d had this info for my daughters school blouses. trying next time I wear white shirt.”

“This is gonna save all my white clothes,” another exclaims.

A flurry of praise and thanks that is helping make this tip go viral. And the professional makeup artist specifies that it also works for self-tanner.

A good way to extend the life of clothes that are often subject to mistreatment from some of our beauty products.

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