Hailey Bieber could give up her runway work

HAILEY Bieber has hinted she could give up her runway work as she admits it “will never be her thing again”.

She wrote, “What I do know is that your arm truly should never wing this high when you’re walking on a runway. Hence why it is not, and will never be my thing again lol. (sic)”

Hailey previously confessed she often feels insecure. She said, “I’ve struggled with comparison. I come from a world of modelling where it’s really easy to compare myself to my own friends. It just does something to your soul, I think, if you pay too close attention to it. Taking breaks from social media, I think, is really important. I have times where I’ll just take the app off my phone for like a week or a couple of days. That’s really freeing in a way because I think I got wrapped up in the urgency of seeing what everyone was doing.

“I think it’s bad for your health – the constant need to be picking your phone up and refreshing your feed just to see what is going on. You’re not really missing anything because one way or another you’ll find things out in the world. You’ll find things out that are happening in the world through the news or whatever it is. I just think being able to take a step back and not let it consume your life [is important].” – BANG!