Gwyneth ‘not involved’ in wedding planning

GWYNETH Paltrow isn’t really “involved” in her wedding planning because she’s too “busy”.

The 45-year-old actress is currently engaged to Brad Falchuck, but admits that while wedding planning is taking place, she’s leaving it to a dedicated team of professionals to make the stylistic choices for her big day.

She said, “I’m very busy so I’m actually not that involved in it. I have so much going on and I’m sort of outsourcing that.”

Gwyneth loves to document personal stories on her website Goop, but doesn’t think her wedding will be one of them.

Speaking to E! News, she shared, “I don’t know if I’ll share it or not. I think it’s always a fine line of having something that is just yours but also being celebratory so we’ll see.” – BANG!