Guaido denounces attack on Venezuela opposition rally

BARQUISIMETO, VENEZUELA (AFP) – Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said he could have been killed during a shooting attack on a protest march in the country’s west that wounded a teenage boy.

Guaido had been leading around 2,000 supporters through Barquisimeto city last Saturday when the incident occurred.

A photo released by Guaido’s supporters showed a man standing next to a motorcycle, with his face covered, aiming a gun in the direction of the parliament speaker.

His team said a 16-year-old boy was later shot in the leg but is now in a “stable condition.” They attributed the attack to pro-government vigilantes.

“The dictatorship could have killed me today, without a doubt,” Guaido said in a video published to social media after the march.

“They shot… but that is not going to push us back,” he added.

The state government and Barquisimeto mayor’s office have not commented on the incident.

An unidentified man aims a gun at a crowd as opposition leader Juan Guaido meets with supporters during a rally in Barquisimeto, Venezuela. PHOTO: AP