Group reports health facilities looted in Ethiopia Tigray

KAMPALA, UGANDA (AP) — Health facilities in Ethiopia’s embattled region of Tigray have been “looted, vandalised and destroyed in a deliberate and widespread attack on healthcare”, the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders said yesterday.

Nearly 70 per cent of 106 health facilities surveyed from mid-December to early March had been looted and more than 30 per cent had been damaged. Only 13 per cent were functioning normally, the group said, citing destroyed equipment and smashed doors. “The attacks on Tigray’s health facilities are having a devastating impact on the population,” said Doctors Without Borders General Director Oliver Behn.

“Health facilities and staff need to be protected during a conflict, in accordance with international humanitarian law. This is clearly not happening in Tigray.”

The findings deepen concern for the well-being of Tigray’s six million people.

Ethiopia’s federal government and regional officials in Tigray both maintain that each other’s governments are illegitimate after the pandemic disrupted elections.

A damaged operating theatre is seen through broken glass in northern Ethiopia. PHOTO: AP