Great Eastern Life Brunei offers COVID-19 coverage

Great Eastern Life Brunei will provide a holistic support package to its customers if they are affected by COVID-19. The company has launched a BND50,000 Customer Care Fund to support its customers in Brunei.

Effective until the end of 2020, Great Eastern customers and/or their immediate family members, including their spouse and children aged 18 and under, who are hospitalised due to COVID-19, will receive a cash benefit of BND100 per day of hospitalisation up to a maximum of 60 days. In the unfortunate event that death occurs, a BND10,000 lump sum will be paid out.

Head of Branch of Great Eastern Life Brunei Thomas Thian said, “As the Life Company, with a 112 year of history, we want to give our customers peace of mind if they need to seek medical treatment for COVID-19. Our customers and their families can focus on recovery with less worry, in the event the unforeseen occurs”.

The company’s COVID-19 support package supplements the insurance coverage it offers customers through their existing policies.