Grand wedding receptions take a back seat

Azlan Othman

As the solemnisation of marriage is the new norm during the current COVID-19 pandemic with less guests invited in lieu of grand wedding receptions, wedding boutiques are feeling the pinch with cancelled wedding bookings.

With only solemnisation being held, it lowers the wedding budget when some previously tipped BND20,000.

Boutiques lamented that since the onset of the outbreak in March, wedding reservations and orders were cancelled while hotels and reception halls also incurred losses.

“There are instances where customers cancelled their bookings and demanded their cash deposits be returned. Expenses in preparing their orders have been made including designing the wedding dresses which some wanted tailor-made,” one boutique said.

Normally solemnisation ceremonies are held at mosques or residences, but now, it is only held in moderation where solemnisation ceremonies are held in the Syariah Subordinate Courts.

The ceremony can only be attended by the marriage official, the bride and groom, a Wali (Islamic legal guardian), two witnesses and two family members from both sides.

One wedding planner even advertised a wedding drive-thru concept on social media where goodies bags are given to the guests. In return, the guests put their cash gift in a box.