Grammy boycott won’t fix problems: John Legend

JOHN Legend doesn’t believe boycotting the Grammys fixes “the problem” of the Recording Academy’s attitude towards hip-hop.

The 40-year-old star acknowledged that there’s a lack of cohesion between the hip-hop community and the Academy – but he doesn’t think a boycott will lead to any kind of long-term solution.

Asked what he makes of artistes like Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Z and Kanye West deciding to boycott the ceremony, John explained, “Historically, the Academy’s had a problem with hip-hop [so] I understand the impulse to withdraw and not participate.

“I would love for the solution to be that we, as younger artists, as artists in the hip-hop community, got more involved and make up a larger bloc of the votes, so the music we make gets its proper dues.” – BANG!