Govt sector employees should emphasise more on customer service, ethics

I AM disappointed with how a government employee at a higher institution treated me and my sibling recently.

My sibling was preparing for a wedding reception at the institution’s hall for which the rental was paid in full.

However, a female officer from the institute’s Estate Department did not let the people from the bridal boutique to set up things.

Instead of talking it over nicely and saying her greetings, she spoke to us rudely.

We tried not to let the situation get to us but she kept raising her tone and blaming us for forcing security to open the hall.

She was also eavesdropping on my family’s conversation and kept talking about procedures.

I understand that what she did was probably their procedure.

But we were not informed of anything from the person in charge.

We were only told a few day priors that we were allowed to set up that afternoon.

The female officer kept blaming us without trying to communicate.

She did not even try to listen to us and was also rude to the bridal boutique’s employees.

When we told her that she was being rude, she responded that “this is our building, they are just vendors”.

Just because she is an officer at her department does not give her the right to be rude to us.

I remember back then, we were taught to always greet (i.e: hello or assalamualaikum) before talking to another person.

I was also shocked to find out that we had to clean up the hall ourselves as it was dirty.

The toilets were not cleaned as well.

We were told by the security that the venue had no cleaners.

The situation could have been handled better if the female officer communicated with us properly and tried to solve it amicably.

She did not even apologise and admit that she raised her voice from the beginning.

I hope the government will train their officers to emphasise more on customer service and ethics.

Hopefully, no one else will experience what me and my family have.

– Frustrated Bruneian