Good Samaritan helps ‘trolley-pushing’ tourist

|     James kon     |

HAJI Fauzani bin Haji Muhammad was on his way home on Monday afternoon when he noticed a tourist walking along the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Highway pushing an airport trolley full of luggage.

Sensing something amiss, Haji Fauzani, a Fire and Rescue Department personnel, pulled his car over beside the tourist, who was from China and seemed lost, to find out what was going on.

Members of the traffic police also stopped by to assess the situation.

Struggling to understand the tourist due to the language barrier, Haji Fauzani contacted his friend Lim Han to assist and help explain the situation to the police.

The tourist turned out to be a YouTuber by the name of Brian Eden and had arrived at the airport in the afternoon, according to Haji Fauzani.

Picture that went viral on social media shows Chinese tourist Brian Eden with the airport trolley on the highway

“Brian had asked a person at the airport where he could hail a bus, but he wasn’t given detailed directions,” Haji Fauzani said. “So Brian followed the direction where the person was pointing at and pushed his trolley to the highway thinking that he was heading to the bus stop.”

Airport staff eventually came to pick up the trolley after the matter was reported to their office.

The day ended all right for Brian, as Haji Fauzani helped him get to a backpacker hostel in Bandar Seri Begawan and brought him around for a tour of the vicinity.

Picture of Brian Eden with the airport trolley went viral on social media.