Going the extra mile for their students

Lyna Mohammad

Awang Semaun Secondary School (SMAS) initiated the personal delivery of home learning packs (HLP) to ensure all its students have the opportunity to continue learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to the Bulletin, Cikgu Hamdillah from SMAS said the idea stemmed from a visit by the Director of Schools, Ministry of Education (MoE) to the school early April.

He discussed how some schools delivered HLPs to students’ homes for those who had not collected their packs.

“As our school’s mission is to become an institution of excellence, it is our culture to make the effort to improve and care for the students, regardless of their background and status. The school is ready to carry out this initiative.”

The initiative also sought to find out why some students did not collect the HLPs on time as stated in the schedule and to remind them on the next collection’s schedule.

Members of the initiative in a group photo. PHOTO: AWANG SEMAUN SECONDARY SCHOOL

The first HLP collection was conducted on March 31. After 10 students had not collected their first HLPs by the second week of April and many failed attempts to contact them by class and subject teachers, a team comprising two teachers and two non-teaching staff along with school counsellors visited the students.

The team had to charter a water taxi as the students lived in different villages in Kampong Ayer.

Each student received their learning pack containing notes, worksheets and exercise books/workbooks along with learning items from the MoE for students who received the Skim Miftahun Najaah.

The teachers also checked on how the students were doing and motivated them to ensure they submitted their work before or on the deadline.

The team also spoke with the students’ parents to get feedback on how their children were doing as well as to ask them for their continuous support towards their children’s learning.

The team delivered all HLPs to the students three weeks after home-based learning was initiated, said Cikgu Hamdillah.

Hamdan, a father of one of the students, was grateful for the school’s initiative and saw it as a positive move to ensure that his child could continue his studies during the outbreak.

He added that the school’s initiative showcases the strong commitment of the teachers and will motivate his son to work hard.

“I am really thankful to the school, the teachers and the team for their effort in visiting my house to deliver the home learning pack to my son.”

Meanwhile, Abdullah, who was also grateful for the initiative, said that what the teachers did was beyond their responsibility but portrayed their willingness to go great lengths to educate their students.

Cikgu Hamdillah said with the academic team’s assistance, they listed the students’ names, addresses and phone numbers to ensure the initiative runs smoothly. He commended the parents for cooperating with the teachers. The school, through its counsellors, understood the students’ lives and challenges through the initiative. The school will continue to assist them through the learning process.

The opportunity to meet with the students’ parents and guardians also improved their involvement in their children’s learning. It showcased how the school cares about their children’s academic performance.

“Home learning is a positive step in helping students continue their education at home in a safe and comfortable environment. There are several ways of adapting to the new teaching and learning techniques through the use of Internet, smartphones and apps such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and Zoom,” said Cikgu Hamdillah.