Glitches in QueUp app?

I have always had efficient and pleasant service from the staff at the post office. The QueUp system was recently implemented for parcel collections, and I promptly downloaded the app.

However, I was surprised to note that the earliest booking slot on the calendar at the main post office for parcel collection was December 7, a wait of nearly two months before I could pick up the parcel. Over the next two months, more parcels will arrive in the country, causing even more of a backlog, while current customers continue to wait to collect their parcels.

From a customer’s perspective, this is rather frustrating, as many of us have already waited a month for our parcels to arrive, and now have a further two-month wait before we can collect them. This will also cause issues for the post office, with a gradual backlog of parcels increasing over time.

I was wondering whether there may be a glitch with the algorithm, which shows the calendar booking system having no available booking slots until December.

It would be greatly appreciated if the postal authorities could look further into this matter, and hopefully, earlier collection dates and slots could be made available for customers to collect parcels.

Eager Parcel Collector