Give slot to others if you can’t attend Friday prayers

Rokiah Mahmud

Congregants with mixed feelings or who are wary about attending the Friday prayers are advised to stay at home, which will allow others to access the restricted number of slots available through the BruHealth app, said the Ministry of Health (MoH) in a public advisory.

Similarly, those who have reserved slots but are unable to attend due to ill health, are encouraged to click on the ‘I will not attend’ option provided by the app. In doing so, they will be giving room to other congregants who could not obtain slots owing to the limited space in mosques.

Aside from the BruHealth app, congregants can also visit to book slots and get their QR codes.

Today marks the third week since the re-opening of mosques on May 29, in the first phase of the de-escalation plan to ease public health restrictions.

According to data released by the MoH, 35,556 people were present for the Friday prayers during the second week of the de-escalation plan.